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Dickinson Youth Football League Expectations

Parent Expectations:

  • Bring kids to practice on time with the necessary gear.  Contact coaches if your kid will be late or absent.
  • Provide equipment and supplies such as water bottles, mouth guards, warm gear when necessary, and cleats (metal cleats not allowed).
  • Emphasize hard work and good attitude to your kids.
  • Teach them how to handle adversity.  Things will not always go their way during the season.
  • Teach good sportsmanship and practice good sportsmanship as a fan.
  • Leave the Coaching to the Coaches.
  • DO NOT criticize or yell at the referees.
  • Address concerns you have with coaches first.  In heated situations, wait 24 hours before addressing your concern.
  • Offer to help.  This may include running the chain gang for tackle football, or helping manage kids during flag games when a coach is absent.
  • DYFL does not carry medical insurance for players.  This is the responsibility of parents.



Player Expectations (Parents and Coaches will Review with Kids):


  • Show up on time with all equipment ready.
  • Show respect for your coaches and teammates. 
  • Understand that you won’t always get to play the position that you want.   Your position this year does not determine your position in the future.
  • When your coach is talking, everyone else is quiet.
  • Show a willingness to learn and work hard.  Kids won’t get significantly bigger, stronger, or faster during the season.  Improvement will come from effort – physical and mental.
  • Clean up fields after each practice.  This includes equipment, personal items, and garbage.


Coaches Expectations:        

  • Understand this is a developmental league with the goals of:  Developing Skill and Understanding of the game; preparing kids to play football at the next level; and creating an atmosphere where the kids can have fun and develop a love for the game.  All coaches and kids want to win, but at this level it is secondary to other goals.
  • Put the safety of kids above all else.  Review concussion protocol and adhere to it.
  • Make parents aware of any injury concerns.
  • Teach proper and safe tackling techniques.
  • Make sure kids are matched up appropriately during drills by size and experience.
  • Make sure all kids have properly fitted equipment.
  • Make sure all kids play and are given the opportunity to try different positions.
  • Do not hold practice outside of the scheduled DYFL times and locations.  If DYFL cancels practice, all teams must cancel.
  • Make certain that at least two coaches are present with kids at all times.
  • Communicate effectively with parents.
  • Communicate any major concerns to DYFL.


What to expect from DYFL:

  • A dedicated board with the best intentions for all the kids in our league.
  • Open communication to address any needs, questions, or concerns.
  • Provide a safe atmosphere for kids to learn and play football.
  • Provide proper equipment for each level.


Everyone involved with DYFL as a board member, coach, player, parent, or fan:

  • No illegal drugs, alcohol, smoking, or vaping at DYFL practice or games.
  • No foul or obscene language.
  • No abuse or bullying of any kind will be tolerated.
  • Treat all facilities, equipment, and fields with respect.  Pick up trash and equipment.
  • Treat all kids, coaches, parents, and refs with respect.


Welcome to the Dickinson Youth Football League

Great, you found our website! This site is the number one tool used by the DYFL to communicate with parents and help keep our league running smoothly. Please visit this website on a regular basis leading up to, during and after the season. 

You can also find us on Facebook, search Dickinson Youth Football League and complete a short questionnaire to join. The DYFL Facebook page was designed to be a "quick contact" tool. Over the years it has evolved into a place where parents and coaches can share pictures of their teams and players for others to enjoy. It is also a great place for the DYFL to communicate quickly with those that support us on schedule changes.  

Please feel free to reach out to an Administrator on Facebook or email us at

About Dickinson Youth Football League

Dickinson Youth Football League provides an opportunity for area students to learn and grow in the sport of football. We offer two levels of play - flag football and tackle football.

Flag Football

  • Flag football is offered to 3rd and 4th graders as an introduction to the game of football. Players learn the fundamentals of catching, passing and the basics of playing on offense and defense. Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays during the season. A unique approach to teaching and playing, the DYFL incorporates practices and games on the same day for most of the season. The final game of the year is played under the lights at the Biesiot Activity Center on the campus of Dickinson State University. 

Tackle Football

  • A full pad league, the tackle division of the DYFL focuses on safe, competitive instruction while increasing the understanding of the game of football. Tackle football is offered to 5th and 6th graders.  All tackle teams practice three days a week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Games are played on Saturday mornings with the final game of the season is under the lights at the Biesiot Activity Center on the campus of Dickinson State University. 

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