DYFL Expectations

Parent Expectations:

·        Bring kids to practice on time with the necessary gear. Contact coaches if your kid will be late or absent.

·        Provide equipment and supplies such as water bottles, mouth guards, warm gear when necessary, and cleats (metal cleats not allowed).

·        Emphasize hard work and good attitude to your kids.

·        Teach them how to handle adversity. Things will not always go their way during the season.

·        Teach good sportsmanship and practice good sportsmanship as a fan.

·        Leave the Coaching to the Coaches.

·        DO NOT criticize or yell at the referees.

·        Address concerns you have with coaches first. In heated situations, wait 24 hours before addressing your concern.

·        Offer to help. This may include running the chain gang for tackle football, or helping manage kids during flag games when a coach is absent.

·        DYFL does not carry medical insurance for players. This is the responsibility of parents.

Player Expectations (Parents and Coaches will Review with Kids):

·        Show up on time with all equipment ready.

·        Show respect for your coaches and teammates. 

·        Understand that you won’t always get to play the position that you want.  Your position this year does not determine your position in the future.

·        When your coach is talking, everyone else is quiet.

·        Show a willingness to learn and work hard. Kids won’t get significantly bigger, stronger, or faster during the season. Improvement will come from effort – physical and mental.

·        Clean up fields after each practice. This includes equipment, personal items, and garbage.

Coaches Expectations:        

·        Understand this is a developmental league with the goals of:  Developing Skill and Understanding of the game; preparing kids to play football at the next level; and creating an atmosphere where the kids can have fun and develop a love for the game. All coaches and kids want to win, but at this level it is secondary to other goals.

·        Put the safety of kids above all else. Review concussion protocol and adhere to it.

·        Make parents aware of any injury concerns.

·        Teach proper and safe tackling techniques.

·        Make sure kids are matched up appropriately during drills by size and experience.

·        Make sure all kids have properly fitted equipment.

·        Make sure all kids play and are given the opportunity to try different positions.

·        Do not hold practice outside of the scheduled DYFL times and locations. If DYFL cancels practice, all teams must cancel.

·        Make certain that at least two coaches are present with kids at all times.

·        Communicate effectively with parents.

·        Communicate any major concerns to DYFL.

What to expect from DYFL:

·        A dedicated board with the best intentions for all the kids in our league.

·        Open communication to address any needs, questions, or concerns.

·        Provide a safe atmosphere for kids to learn and play football.

·        Provide proper equipment for each level.

Everyone involved with DYFL as a board member, coach, player, parent, or fan:

·        No illegal drugs, alcohol, smoking, or vaping at DYFL practice or games.

·        No foul or obscene language.

·        No abuse or bullying of any kind will be tolerated.

·        Treat all facilities, equipment, and fields with respect. Pick up trash and equipment.

·        Treat all kids, coaches, parents, and refs with respect.

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